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INSIA explains thanks to personalization complex Insurance covers in playful way. And their customers appreciate it.

"This video is truly deeply personalized. We can see client's name, the logo and name of the insurance company, the registration number as well as the logo of the car but most importantly, every one of the single "parts" of the video are combined together according to the situation of the specific customer, meaning if the customer has or has not been insured yet. Every video is different, made exactly according to the arranged insurance"

Ivan Špirakus, managing director of INSIA.

Motionlab can be leveraged also for

  • Financial product upsell/cross sell
  • Debit activation
  • Savings account activation
  • Insurance product upsell/cross sell
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Car liability insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Car insurance benefits
  • Credit card activation
  • Debts consolidation
  • Mortgage calculator (increase CTR after calculation)
  • Student to regular (paid) account transfer
  • Regular account overview
  • Contract explanation
  • Premium product enrollment
  • Premium clients communication in account
  • Private offers of investment proposals
  • Transfers of loans
  • Crisis communication - attacks security protections….

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